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Operating Instructions


1.M is fixed to roller coating.spray coating and shower can add some solvent to adjust to suitable viscosity before using.the viscosity is 18-35s better.In principle,the speed of machine more quick.the viscosity higher.

2.It is can use directly in normal need to warm. If you use the product under 15 centigrade in room should better rise the temperature to 30-40 also can rise the temperature of oil groove lo about 50 centigrade.lhe result will be belter.

3.Coating on the PVC sheet in general 30-40 grams weight (dry film thickness) . in the paper usually 5-7 grams weight. It is too little, short of brightness and wear-resisting requirements, on the contrary the paint film flexibility will decline, roll marks will be heavier.

4.H should Keep dry completely after coating the oil.beyond that,you should regularly to check the power of UV light.or it will cause a lot of questions because of the drying of UV glazing oil incompetely.



1.lf the oil was opend.but didn’ t be used out at one time.the rest of oil should be sealed storage.

2 The equipment of producing should be cleaned by the diluter after using.don* t leave »t for a long time.or the glazing oil on rubber roll will corrode the roll

3.Avoiding the straight of sunshine and the temperature of oil up 50 centigrade when using the glazing oil.

4.You can use infrared lo roast the UV varnish before using,to avoid poor adhosion of it.


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