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What is UV board?

Update:26 Dec 2017

UV board is the surface of the plate after UV treatment […]

UV board is the surface of the plate after UV treatment. UV paint UV curing paint, also known as light-induced paint. Ordinary wood, calcium silicate board and other plates through the UV paint, and then dried by UV light curing machine formed stone plate, a bright surface treatment, bright color, with a strong visual impact, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, Long life, no discoloration, easy to clean, high cost of mechanical equipment and process technology demanding, is the ideal plate conservation treatment process. Exterior UV color palette is based on high-density fiber cement board as the substrate, the thickness of the plate is generally 12mm, the use of UV light curing coating on the surface of the plate decoration, paint coating attached to the surface of the plate, by UV irradiation , Instant curing film, and high solid content, hardness. Mainly used for the decoration of the facades, good decorative, decorative lighting can make the building a brilliant color.