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What is the difference between water-based paint, wood wax oil and UV paint?

Update:24 Aug 2018

The difference between water-based paint and oil paint: […]

The difference between water-based paint and oil paint:
1. Environmental performance: Water-based paint : only use water as a thinner, it is harmless to human health. Oily paint: It uses banana water and Tianshui as a diluent, and contains a lot of harmful carcinogens such as benzene and xylene.
2. Odor: Water-based paint: no harmful carcinogens, non-toxic and tasteless, can be used after painting. Oily paint: Contains a strong pungent odor that is unbearable and harmful to humans. Contains a large amount of harmful substances, endangering human health. Generally, from January to February after use, the strong irritating odor volatilizes to be basically odorless, but a large amount of harmful gases will be slowly released and volatilized for 10-15 years.
3. Appearance: Water-based paint: Because it does not contain harmful substances, it will not volatilize into the air, so there will be no defects such as yellowing, and it will last longer. Oily paint: The harmful substances are continuously released and long-lasting volatilized, so they are easily yellowed and have poor durability. Water-based paint: A new generation of PU water-based paint products are no less inferior to oiliness in terms of film fullness, hardness, and scratch resistance.