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What is the difference between water-based paint and UV paint

Update:14 Dec 2017

Water-based paint is water as a diluent paint, and oily […]

Water-based paint is water as a diluent paint, and oily paint is used in organic solvents, highly toxic, polluting, you can also burn, so water-based paint is relatively environmentally friendly than oil paint.
Coating performance and characteristics
(1) Hiding power: hiding power is usually used to make the standard 'black and white grid cover' the required coating weight to represent, the greater the weight the smaller the hiding power.
(2) Smear adhesion: that the coating and the grass-roots adhesion.
(3) Viscosity: The viscosity of the size of the construction performance, different methods of construction require coatings have different viscosities.
(4) Fineness: fineness directly affects the size of the coating surface smoothness and luster.
(1) Pollution resistance
(2) Durability: Including freeze-thaw resistance, washability, brushing and aging resistance
(3) Alkali resistance: The decorative object of the paint is mainly some alkaline materials, so basicity is an important property of the paint.
(4) The minimum film-forming temperature: Each coating has a minimum film-forming temperature, the minimum film-forming temperature of different paint.
(5) High temperature resistance, paint from the development of the original dozens of degrees to today can be temperature to 1800 ℃ ZS, high energy-saving coatings.