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What are the commonly used printing papers?

Update:12 Apr 2018

Coated paper: The surface is coated with a glazing trea […]

Coated paper:
The surface is coated with a glazing treatment to increase the smoothness and luster, high whiteness, low ink absorption rate, reflect all colors in the spectrum and obtain the best results, and is less flexible, suitable for color printing.
Offset paper:
Also known as forest paper. The surface brightness is not as high as the coated paper, the ink absorption rate is strong, the color is a little dark, the ink is not easy to dry
White cardboard:
Low elasticity, good toughness, not easy to break when folded, mainly used for printing business cards, packaging boxes and decorative paper products.
Lightweight paper:
Also known as Munken Paper. Good texture and looseness, folding resistance, high hiding power, light weight.
Also known as a white newspaper. This is the main newspaper for newspapers and magazines. It applies to newspapers, periodicals, textbooks and comics. The weight is about 50 grams.
Lightly coated paper:
Also known as lightweight coated paper. Usually used for supermarket flyers / DM / clips, the cost is relatively low and the hand feels soft. The common gram weight is 64g, 70g and so on.
Kraft paper:
With high tension, divided into single light, double light, stripes, no lines and so on. The color is white and tan, mainly used for wrapping paper, envelopes, paper bags and so on.
litmus paper:
The transparent function is used for single-sided spot color printing, more fragile, with a variety of colors, can be hot stamping aluminum plate.
Specialty paper:
It is a generic name for various special papers or art papers, and it can be used as a specific reference for special paper patterns.

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