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What are the characteristics of water-based uv-curing coatings?

Update:08 Sep 2018

Waterborne photocurable coatings combine the unique cha […]

Waterborne photocurable coatings combine the unique characteristics of traditional UV curable coatings and waterborne coatings with the following advantages over conventional oily photocurable materials.
(1) Water is the most convenient and cheapest raw material. Water is used instead of reactive diluent to dilute the oligomer. It is easy to adjust the viscosity and can realize the formulation of inactive diluent.
(2) Without reactive diluents, there are no problems such as VOC, irritation and odor;
(3) Applicable to all kinds of painting equipment, especially for spraying safety;
(4) avoiding curing volume shrinkage caused by the use of reactive diluent;
(5) It can realize thin coating and reduce cost;
(6) The coating equipment and container can be washed with an aqueous cleaning solution.