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Waterproof paint buying techniques.

Update:31 May 2018

One, where waterproofing must be known So, which piece […]

One, where waterproofing must be known
So, which piece of the family needs us to show it? In simple terms, it is the wall surface of the bathroom, the wall surface of the kitchen, and the floor of the balcony where the water system needs to be installed. If you live in a layer and make it waterproof, the effect of moisture protection will be better.
The shower heads and shower heads of general bathrooms are installed at a height of about 1.8 meters, so waterproofing must be done so high, otherwise it is difficult to play a role in waterproofing. Instead of installing a shower wall, it is only 1.5 meters. Enough, of course, if you don't care about a hundred dollars, then make it 1.8 meters waterproof.
How should the kitchen be waterproof? The key is to see which places are easy to have a relationship with water. Generally, it is recommended that the kitchen floor and wall should be turned over 0.3 meters to make waterproof. The wall placed on the sink should be turned over 1.5 meters to set the waterproof layer.
Second, waterproof is important, but also pay attention to environmental protection
Waterproofing is important, but environmental protection is more important. The waterproof coating is applied behind the floor tiles and cement. We cannot see that environmental protection is not environmentally friendly, but its harmful objects will be slowly released through the gaps. Will the air quality of our house be better? Over time, it can cause symptoms of physical discomfort and is very detrimental to our health.
Therefore, the waterproof coating must go to the formal manufacturers and building materials manufacturers to buy it, it is best to choose a well-known brand name, pay attention to his qualification and the like.
Third, the performance is not the same
According to the personality characteristics of our family members, it can be divided into four types of waterproof materials, acrylics, polyurethanes, polymer polymers also referred to as JS, flexible cement mortar four, but each has its own personality, such as polyurethane waterproof coating , With good elasticity and extensibility, if you look at the effect of the formation of a waterproof membrane, it is the most outstanding performance of all kinds of coatings, but it also has its own shortcomings, that is, limited by the time, a long construction time , And the price is more expensive.
It is worth noting that due to the better product performance, there are already many counterfeit products on the market with polyurethane signs. Most of them are not pure polyurethane, and the environmental performance is not very good, but the price has dropped, so it must be selected Should pay attention to; acrylic waterproof coating, convenient construction, environmental protection, film performance is also relatively good, affordable, general home improvement will use this type of coating in water; and JS is a rigid and flexible waterproof coating, easy construction, environmental protection, non-toxic, but also At present, all kinds of water-proof coatings for household use are more recognized and recommended; water-repellent paints have a high strength when they are used as waterproof membranes, and have a good combination with the grass-roots level. After construction, tiles can be directly pasted to save construction time. The price is also relatively more economical and practical, but its disadvantage is due to the rigid waterproof material, not suitable for the new house decoration may have settlement.