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Waterborne varnish performance analysis.

Update:30 Nov 2018

As an emerging green printing material, water-based gla […]

As an emerging green printing material, water-based glazing oil is self-evident, but its environmental protection and safety are self-evident.
A new product, for a long time, does not predominate in the competition with the solvent-based varnish. The state should strengthen legislation and law enforcement, strictly limit the content of VOC in the exhaust gas of printing production workshops, and strengthen the safety inspection of packaging printed materials to limit the use of solvent-based varnish products to protect the environment and the health of operators. In terms of the current level of waterborne varnish, it is no longer a problem to replace solvent-based varnish. However, due to the long history of solvent-based varnish production, the technology is mature and the price is low, and printing companies are also adapting.
This process, coupled with the relative lag of national environmental protection legislation, will remain in the market for some time. Because UV Varnish is also an environmentally friendly material, it has many technical characteristics. Therefore, it is impossible for water-based varnish to completely replace it, and it will show a parallel development trend. As a new type of printing material, water-based glazing oil is in the cultivation and development period of the market, and the technology development is changing with each passing day. At the same time, as the localization of the main raw materials in the waterborne varnish is continuously improved, the production cost will continue to decrease, and the market competitiveness will continue to increase. In the future, water-based varnish, a green and environmentally-friendly printing material, will surely become weak and strong, becoming the mainstream product in the printed surface finishing market.