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Ventilation after gluing

Update:09 Jan 2018

Into the autumn and winter, the temperature is dry, the […]

Into the autumn and winter, the temperature is dry, the weather changes will affect the chemical products, especially the spray. Workshop closed doors and windows, the collective heating, the workshop poor air circulation, resulting in the smell of plastic spray larger, slow dry glue, in fact, the crux of the problem is that there is no ventilation system or poor ventilation caused.
  The advantages of smooth ventilation
  Glue spray process has a volatile, smooth ventilation can reduce the glue taste of the workshop
  Ventilation and smooth, you can make the glue volatile substances quickly discharged outdoors, thereby reducing the concentration of harmful substances
  Ventilation is smooth, can reduce the concentration of combustibles to reduce the chance of static ignition, thus avoiding the occurrence of fire
  Ventilation is smooth, is conducive to glue dry faster after spraying, improve work efficiency, better adhesion
  The disadvantage of poor ventilation
  Glue odor is not effectively volatile, the smell of the workshop increased
  Poor ventilation, harmful substances may exceed the standard
  Poor ventilation, excessive concentration of flammable easily lead to fire
  Poor ventilation, slow drying glue, thereby reducing work efficiency, affecting adhesive properties