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UV varnish.

Update:16 Nov 2018

UV glazing is a method of curing a glazing coating by U […]

UV glazing is a method of curing a glazing coating by UV (abbreviation of Ultraviole). It has the characteristics of fast curing of coating and low-temperature curing ink, which is not easy to fade. It helps to solve many problems in the process of gloss printing of paper printing. Therefore, it has been widely used in the gloss processing of paper containers, trademarks, book covers, packaging boxes and other printed materials. application.
UV coatings contain almost no solvent and emit very little organic volatiles, thus reducing air pollution. UV coatings contain no solvent and require no heat during curing. The energy required for curing is relatively small. In addition, UV varnish has strong affinity to ink and strong adhesion; UV varnish has high effective component, less volatilization, and relatively low dosage; UV varnished printing surface is more wear resistant, chemical resistant and resistant. It has good chemical properties and good stability. It can be scrubbed with water and ethanol. UV glazing products are not easy to stick together. After curing, they can be stacked and stacked, which is conducive to post-processing operations.
UV varnish should pay attention to the following typical problems when using:
1UV coatings are not suitable for operation on permeable paper. Because the low molecular materials in the UV coating easily penetrate into the paper, causing the paper to darken or even soak. Currently, most UV coatings are used on printed paper with aluminized film.