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The role of varnish.

Update:13 Oct 2018

1. As a transparent protective lacquer, its hardness an […]

1. As a transparent protective lacquer, its hardness and wear resistance are better than color paint and play a protective role.
2. As a hand-feel paint, its luminosity and brightness are very good, and it feels good when touched. For example, PU paint sprayed
on silicone parts and UV paint sprayed on plastic parts are such varnishes.
The earliest varnish was tung oil. At that time, there was no synthetic resin, only earth paint, raw paint and the like. In many places in rural areas, tung oil is directly applied to new wooden barrels, tubs and the like to play the role of waterproofing, protection and decoration. At that time, the use of tung oil was quite extensive, and the lacquerers used tung oil for processing in many industries such as furniture, architecture, and fine arts.