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Spray adhesive precautions.

Update:07 Jun 2018

Spray adhesive should pay attention to static electrici […]

Spray adhesive should pay attention to static electricity prevention.
1. Maintain good ventilation at the operation site and reduce the concentration of volatile gas (combustible) in the glue.
2. The operation site should be diligently sprinkled with water to maintain proper temperature and reduce the generation of static electricity (static electricity is not generated when the air humidity is 78% or the temperature is 23 ̊C±3).
3, store a large number of sponges, spring packs place humidifiers to reduce the production of static electricity;
4, the operator should wear cotton clothes, avoid wearing chemical fiber clothes or spiked shoes;
5. The operator should put his hands on the wall or ground every 30 minutes to discharge the body's static electricity, or wear an electrostatic ring to reduce the body's static electricity;
6. When carrying, stacking, covering sponges or spring bags, they should be handled gently to reduce friction, rolling, tapping, in order to avoid the generation of large amounts of static electricity;
7, in the bonding sponge or spring package last process, should be sealed from one side to the other, avoid a one-time full coverage, in order to facilitate the volatilization of glue gas, at the same time, should not be tapping, collision, to prevent static spark;
8, in order to effectively prevent static electricity, it is recommended that customers use flame-retardant materials and fire-retardant glue;
9, the operation shop must be equipped with adequate fire extinguishing equipment;
10. It is recommended that customers regularly give employees fire training and fire drills.