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Protect against environmental factors that affect adhesive adhesion.

Update:13 Jul 2018

1. Prevent dust: Dust is one of the factors affecting a […]

1. Prevent dust: Dust is one of the factors affecting adhesion; if the surface of the adherend is dusty, the penetration of the adhesive after the glue is blocked by dust, it will affect the adhesion, and the adhesive has been applied. Finished products, such as dust on the surface, adhere to each other and have poor adhesion: therefore, install dust-proof facilities or keep the environment dry at the operating site.
2, to prevent moisture: water is another key to affect the adhesion, the water content of the adherend is too high, the water occupies the surface of the adherend, the adhesive can not penetrate the adherend, it will affect the adhesion. Another reason is that although the adherend is dry, after the glue is applied, it encounters rainy days, the humidity is high, and the surface of the adhesive is condensed with water. If the baking temperature and time are insufficient, the adhesion will not reach. Claim. Therefore, the environment should be kept dry and well ventilated. If you use a material that has been stored for too long, heat it to avoid moisture.
3, to prevent oil: oil is the key to affect the adhesion of the third, after the surface of the adherend with oil, the adhesive can not penetrate into the gap of the adherend, can only float on the surface, the adhesion will be greatly reduced, serious Degumming will occur, the solution is to remove the grease on the adhesive surface with a cleaning agent.