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"Processing agent series" product operating specifications.

Update:03 Aug 2018

1. First, please correctly identify the material to be […]

1. First, please correctly identify the material to be used. Please properly treat the surface of the object to be bonded before use, such as degreasing, derusting, removing moisture, and grinding. Degreasing can remove the surface of the desired adhesive without oil, ash or other contaminants. Decontamination can be scrubbed and dried with a quick-drying solvent such as 120# gasoline, Tianna water, toluene or ethyl acetate. Gently sand with No. 0 or No. 1 sandpaper. For different materials, different treatment agents are used. The standard used is “similarity compatibility”, and its purpose is to increase the adhesion of glue to materials;
2, the surface of the adhesive is treated, gently wiped on the surface of the adherend with a degreased cotton stained with a treatment agent, and strive to be wiped in place, naturally dried or dried, and then glued;
3, the processing flow of the treatment agent: correctly identify the material ---- coating the corresponding treatment agent - completely dry - glued;
pay attention:
(In the whole operation process, it is very important to correctly identify the materials and select the appropriate treatment agent, and different treatment agents may appear for the same kind of materials. Please test and select the products before mass production, and meet the requirements. In case of online use.)
4. Poor coating will have the following effects:
* Disposal is not easy to cause the material to be opened at a local location;
* The treatment agent is too thick, which will increase the cost and slow down the drying speed. At the same time, it will cause "gluing" and affect the bonding quality.