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Good quality UV board features

Update:20 Dec 2017

A: Surface smoothness is high: the specular highlight e […]

A: Surface smoothness is high: the specular highlight effect is obvious.
B: Film fullness: full color tempting.
C: Environmental Health: Normal baking paint board paint is not good, and there is continuous release of volatile substances (VOC), UV board to solve the century environmental problems. Not only itself does not contain volatile substances such as benzene, but also by UV curing, the formation of dense cured film, reducing the release of substrate gas.
D: Do not fade: Through the comparative experiments show that UV veneer with traditional plates, with better physical and chemical properties, UV plate to ensure long-lasting, and to solve the color phenomenon.
E: Scratch resistance: the more grinding the higher hardness of more bright, long-term curing at room temperature does not distort.
F: acid and alkali corrosion resistance: UV plate can withstand a variety of acid-base disinfectant corrosion. UV plate forming the above characteristics because the paint and ultraviolet light chemical reaction, the formation of a dense protective film, the dense protective film has a small distance between molecules, water molecules and acetic acid molecules are smaller, so With water, dirt and other effects. However, the white UV board is easy to see the sun yellow, the industry can not solve this problem.