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The use of zinc ricinole (paint anti - settling agent) in the coating

Update:04 Aug 2016

Speaking of ricinolein do not know if you understand it […]

Speaking of ricinolein do not know if you understand it? It is currently in our country should be more extensive, and today we explain in detail about the product of the relevant knowledge, so that you have a deep understanding of it. Zinc sorbitol zinc, also known as zinc soap, by the refined castor oil, zinc sulfate by saponification, salt and made of a white powder, paint production is an indispensable an anti-precipitant. The product is qualified by Tianjin Paint Factory. Tianjin paint factory has been supporting all kinds of paint, and marketing many large-scale paint production plant, praised by users. Zimballate Zinc, is a paint with a suspending agent, is a special anti-settling agent in the paint, and in the paint in the infiltration and dispersion of the role of paint production is a very good effect of auxiliaries. Product characteristics and application mechanism: it is in the non-polar solvent through the dispersion, activation and swelling of the long chain intertwined to form a thixotropic structure and thickening effect. When the shear force is applied, the winding is opened, the structural failure viscosity will drop; when the shear force disappears and rewound. This rewinding process is relatively slow, so the viscosity recovery is slow, allowing a longer flow time leveling, the appropriate adjustment can make the coating in the larger flow limit thickness when there is a certain degree of leveling. Therefore, zinc ricinoleate is a valuable rheological additive for the manufacture of thick coating. Widely used in a variety of coatings to give its thixotropic structure, improve the suspension of the pigment, control the sag without sacrificing flow and leveling, control the permeability of porous objects, usually do not react with other components in the paint, Organic system does not affect its water resistance, no adverse effects on the durability of the coating, in the coating does not yellow, and give its storage stability. Product use: high-grade paint 0.1%, low-grade paint about 0.6%, the general amount of 0.6% -1.5%, the maximum no more than 2%. 1. Solvent-based paint, add 1-2% of the weight of the pigment to improve the dispersion efficiency of the pigment to prevent the pigment flocculation back to coarse, significantly improve the dispersion of paint effect. 2. Paint production by adding 0.6% of the weight of the paint can prevent the paint storage of pigmentation agglomeration, and play a role in dispersion. When using this product can be added in the pigment processing, you can also directly into the proportion of paint grinding. Paint the use of ricinoleic acid zinc, in about two years does not produce precipitation phenomenon. Above is about ricinoleic acid zinc products related knowledge do not know whether you understand it? If you have any questions you can contact with me at any time, we will have a professional staff to explain to you.