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Application of waterborne polyurethane adhesives.

Update:06 Jul 2018

(1) Wood processing, wood processing is the largest app […]

(1) Wood processing, wood processing is the largest application area of adhesive . As an adhesive, waterborne polyurethane can be bonded to porous materials such as foam, wood, leather, fabric, paper, ceramics, and materials such as metal, glass, rubber, and plastic.

(2) In food packaging applications, in today's food industry, a variety of laminated composite films are commonly used to package foods, beverages, and condiments. Laminated composite films are used to bond plastic film layers with other materials. Made together.

(3) In the automotive industry, APU is gradually replacing traditional adhesives such as solvent-based or water-based neoprene, nitrile rubber and solvent-based PU for bonding automotive parts, instrument panels, fenders, door panels and carpets. And the canopy.

(4) Composite lamination and sculpture processing, plastic film and sheet of polyvinyl chloride, polyester, ABS, corona treated polyolefin, and water-based polyurethane adhesive between cotton and chemical fiber fabric, paper and leather Compression composite.

(5) Pressure-sensitive adhesives, the use of emulsion pressure-sensitive adhesives is to manufacture tapes, self-adhesive labels, etc., and can also be used directly, widely used in office supplies, construction, furniture, vehicles and other fields.

(6) Electrostatic emulsion type adhesive. In the vinyl acetate-acrylate emulsion, waterborne polyurethane and tackifying resin are added to improve the performance of the emulsion adhesive. The conductive adhesive fiber is added to impart an electrostatic conductivity to the emulsion adhesive, and an emulsion adhesive is obtained. The adhesive is mainly used for sticking static conductive semi-rigid PVC block plastic flooring, and can also be used in large electronic equipment rooms, electronic production workshops, operating rooms, computer rooms and other places where static electricity is required.