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Adhesive layer and adhesive layer how to do?

Update:30 Jan 2018

Adhesive sticky the reason Too low temperature Open tim […]

Adhesive sticky
the reason
Too low temperature Open time is not enough, bonding too early
  The plastic tank on the 30 ℃ -50 ℃ hot water immersion 5-10 minutes to extend
  Drying time, choose the best bonding time
Lack of glue
the reason
1, coated, the drying time is too short, the glue contains dissolved
2, one-time brushing glue is too thick
3, 'was sticky water content is too high
4, viscosity is too high, the layer contains air
5, adhesive temperature is too large
6, bonding, the pressure of insufficient pressure to extend the drying time
1, uniform, repeatedly glue (2-3 times)
2, will be sticky objects to dry or dry before use
3, heated or diluted with toluene, ethyl acetate and then glue
4, the construction environment to maintain ventilation and dry
5, increase pressure on the pressure